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Mini ebike motor 36v250w

Mini ebike motor 36v250w



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Our online store offers solutions for converting usual transport to an ecological. We sell conversion kits ready and easy to install and replacement parts and accessories (last generation lithium batteries for electrical conversion and solar projects, chargers, electric motors. ) at highly competitive prices. We also have new vehicles and ready to ride: electric bicycles, electric scooters, etc....

There are a lot of information about the advantages of an electric bike but we would like to mention it again: does not pollute, doesn’t require drivers license or insurance, no registration required, do not consume gasoline or oil, doesn’t need maintenance and parking space, etc.... The cost of electricity needed to charge a battery does not exceed 15 cents of euro and the autonomy with pedal assistance can reach 75 km for a 36v 10Ah lithium battery. No need to make many calculations to see the high profitability and economy this type of transport can reach. Today we do not know of any other vehicles with such economy.

All of our products pass a high number of quality checking controls to provide a 100% quality to our customers and the return percentage of our customers is very low.

We also offer phone or e-mail (chat) support to answer questions or clarify any doubts about our products. The conversion kits are pre-connected and you’ll only need to install it and you are ready to ride.

We ship all over the Europe.